What happened since then…

I got to admit that it isn’t my first attempt to open a blog, but I fear that once again this one just suffered from the same disease that the other died for… but I’m not going to let this happen not this time because before opening TCR I promise myself that it’ll be a success. So let’s go backward to everything that happened since I last post something.

After the shoot of JB Mpiana video clip it went on post-production, editing, etc. well since then I have no idea of where it went because I had to quit the agency I worked for and also quit the country. I went to South Africa, to find a university suitable for my ambition of glory and money ^^. It was, I should say, I disturbing experience to find out that my country had so much to learn from SA, it’s not like I wasn’t warned, but it’s something to see it by yourself. So I found a University, visited museums, art galleries, squares and theaters (nearly cried over my first ballet) and went back to my country to apply for a study permit. This is how 2009 ended.

2010 started with a lot of promises, a lot of good resolution and nearly as much expectation. I’m currently finishing a book, I started reading several years ago; actually it’s an eleven book saga that I fell in love with in 2003. I was thinking of illustrating it to test my skill in storytelling and composition. It’s not going very well right now because I’m not really satisfied of my way of drawing characters, but then making them more realistic (because that’s the issue) is really a pain in the ass for me, anatomy not being my most valuable asset… I’m also afraid of colors, every time I think of coloring an artwork I end up ruining it. The only justification I can find is that the last time I used water color was in 2002 and even then I was a little afraid of it. I tried digital painting…with a mouse (hey tablet pen are expensive), not really proud of the result. One thing I did try and loved was inking with brushes and using different shade of gray, maybe I should stick with that since I have not enough balls to water paint again (but colors are just sooooo beautiful =’(

Many of my own stories are just there, waiting for the right time to shine, when others thrive in my head. It sometime surprise me how a color, an association words, an object, a concept can lead me into creating worlds of my own. The thing is I don’t want them to be my own anymore I want to share them with you and that’s what make me always unsure of my capacities, the fact that I want to make the people reading me feel the same way as I feel when I create.

Anyway, now you know exactly what I’ve been through the last months, and I’ll try my best to keep on sharing on TCR what’s happening around me. I’m starting the Book nine of the Wheel of Time: A Path of Dagger by Robert Jordan and wish all of you a wonderful year.


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